A Story About Faith – Fr. Bryan Carney

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  1. Val Mucho says:

    Dear Fr.Carney,
    Can’t believe it has been over a year since Medjugorje. I can not tell you how many times I have thought to email you. Did you go back this year? Lots to ask and lots to tell you. God bless you. Val

  2. FR. BRYAN CARNEY says:

    Yes, Val I returned a total of four times last year. I intend on going at least 2 times this year. Believe it or not, Fr. Kevin Devine (from St. James Church, Medjugorje) is here visiting in New York at this time. His family lives here. I informed him that I will be going back “home” to Our lady’s Village in August and Oct. I hope we will see one another again soon in the village. Pax….

  3. Maureen Chouinard Caburis says:

    Hi Fr Carney,
    It’s been many years. I enjoyed your sermon here. I wanted to thank you for remembering my dad in your mass today. I was reading about your trips to Medugorje, my dad loved reading about it, never made it there but I think he’s read every book ever written about it. The last of years, he taken up with Padre Pio, he adored this man. I hope you are well. You’re a good man Fr. Carney, always have been…thanks again, it means a lot…Maureen Chouinard

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