Here I Am Lord

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  1. Karin & Gerry Duffy says:

    We love your website!
    Hope to see you in April with Wayne…are you going?
    The Duffys

  2. Diane Woods says:

    Hello~ I just discovered your website by seeing your testimony on MARYTV tonight (November 10, 2014). Praised Be Jesus and Mary! I clicked on to see the 1990 video of Mary appearing on cross mountain that was captured. Beautiful. Glory to God.
    I was graced to go to Medjugorje exactly two years ago for the first time, at age 51 after hearing of Mary appearing there only about 8 years ago. I am praying fervently the Lord will return me there!!! Well, I decided to watch some of your other videos, the first being “Here I Am Lord”, as it is one of my favorite hymns. Lo and behold, I am there in the church at that Mass in St. James!!! Praise Jesus! While I don’t see myself, it was the music group playing that I first recognized and knew played while I was there, I scanned the crowd and saw my fellow pilgrims…and then, my parish priest on the altar in tears, not making it through the song. I just can’t tell you, how it is such a grace of Mary and Jesus to give me this special evening back in St. James. I go there in my heart everyday and pray. Did you know who took this video??? Bless you for this wonderful website for Mary, Queen of Peace appearing in Medjugorje.

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