The Great Grace – OLOM comes to me

For me it was an exhilarating five days (January 15-19), which included a prayer meeting, day long retreat led by Jim Browne and a visit to the Divine Mercy Shrine at Stockbridge, MA. Thrown in the mix were two round trips to Hartford- Springfield Airport and two round trips from Lakeville, CT to Taunton, MA. Suddenly my home was private and quiet once more.

On January 25th, I was definitely not myself. That day found me irritable, negative and a bit worried. I was having difficulty with personal interaction and phone exchanges. Frankly I felt under “spiritual attack”eventually asking several friends to pray for me. The next day I felt much better, proceeded to make my apologies to those I snapped at and put the bad day behind me.

Following our routine, I went to prepare dinner for the three of us. I looked out the sliding glass door to the patio area. The gray, cement poured, retaining wall looked “busy” with shadows, shapes, figures etc.. My eyes were immediately directed to the bottom of one wall section. There to my amazement was the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

She looks identical to the face on the statue at Tihalina that became the representation of Medjugorje. I took a photograph of the wall and told my mother’s nursing aide. I began notifying friends and placed a phone call to Jim Browne in Ireland. I followed up by notifying Fr. Dennis (substitute priest) at Church of St. Mary. Father came down to the house when asked by me to be a witness. Eventually I ran into Patrick Sullivan at the Lakeville Post Office.

Read the article in the LAKEVILLE JOURNAL:
Virgin Mary makes an appearance in Lakeville

Additional images:

6 Responses to The Great Grace – OLOM comes to me

  1. Debbie Womack says:

    Thank you for sharing this encounter and these beautiful photographs, Michael. May Our Lady receive the grace for each of us to see … and recognize the gift that God is offering us in these times. Ave Maria! AMDG!

  2. Bob and mary Ryan says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for sharing!
    Thinking that the best representative picture is #9 of the 10 additional images.
    God bless,
    Bob and Mary

  3. Frances Gomez says:

    Thank you, Michael

  4. Dyann Andersen says:

    Michael, you have been wonderfully Blessed by Our Lord and Our Lady!! I too see her
    just as plain as day!! And yes, she does look like the statue at Tihalina!! She is so
    beautiful and she is so very happy with you and your evangelization and ministry through your tours. I do so want to make either May or November. I hear you have a
    good group lined up already for May! Wonderful!! Our God and Our Lady with be
    with you as you continue the work both Our Lord and Our Lady have evidently lead you
    to do for the Glory of God!!

  5. Dyann Andersen says:

    P.S. Thank you so much for sharing with us!! And your “spiritual attack” was real
    Michael. You know satan can’t stand Our Lady so he was trying to lead you into some
    kind of sin; but you are so full of love for both Our Lord and Our Lady that it was just a
    temporary attempt…Our Lady graced you with her Blessings!! Now I will read the
    newspaper article and May Our Lord continue to Bless you and Our Lady is always by
    your side, remember that…despite what attacks the Evil One wants to throw at you, your
    devotion is far too strong for him!! Praise Jesus Christ!!

  6. Noel says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony of how Our Blessed Mother is working overtime to strengthen so many of Her children’s faith through signs. May Our Blessed Mother forever keep you under Her care and protection. God bless,

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