A Call To Holiness

An Intimate Prayer Experience with Fr. Jozo Zovko O.F.M. Video courtesy of Drew Mariani

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  1. Dyann Andersen says:

    A most powerful, moving and truly a “Call To Holiness” and well done video. One I will refer to many, many people and will watch again and again, if not just to fill my heart and soul with the truth and the beauty of the messages and call from Our Lady and Her Son, Our Lord, to “be subserviant as Jesus was,” and truly love and forgive with the heart, pray with the heart, and live the messages we are so fortunate to receive from Our Lady as given to Her by our Heavenly Father. Thank you to Michael for adding this to his Website for all to see and believe.

  2. Carol Romano says:

    I love everything about Medjugorje! I have visited there with young people I brought
    with me and have been there 7 times. The first trip was with Fr. Kellegher from N.Y.
    with 500 people! It was the beginning of something I had asked Our Lady for when I
    was six years old and playing Jacinta (Our Lady of Fatima). I asked her why I could not have been there to see the Sun Spin and to see Her talking to the children.
    She answered my prayer in 1987 when I went to Medj. for the first time with 35 people
    I brought with me. She granted my wishes and I have taken many young people there.

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