Why Medjugorje Video

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  1. Raymond Dennis Russo says:

    Wow I was truly amazed at this website. The depth of information available is great and very well received. On a personal note, my wife Frances and I went on a Pilgrimage there in 1997 and have followed it closely ever since…
    Blessings to you Michael and keep up your wonderful testimony to the Queen of Peace

  2. carmen says:

    thanks for the vedios of medjogorje. i was there twice.It is asplendid and peaceful place, i am from malta god bless u all

  3. Kathy Johnson says:

    Wonderful video. My daughter went when she was in college and came back transformed. I’ve read many books but have never been there. Pray for me that the funds and opportunity be fall on me so I may make this pilgrimage. Praise you Jesus, and thank you most blessed Mother for saying yes to God.

  4. Dyann Andersen says:

    I am left speechless. Have been there 3 times, consecutive years. I personally have experienced true miracles each time even though I did not go for that reason. This video is so well put together…May God Bless those who made it and Michael for posting it. If I had not been, this video would certainly send me. Watching this puts me in a beautiful peace but only being there can give you a lasting inner peace and glow. You may leave Medugorje but Medugorje will never leave you…this I promise you. Even the “air” is holy in this little village…go and you will see what I mean. Everyone comes away all the better for having been there…absolutely no comparison. As Mary says…”PRAISE BE TO JESUS” AMEN!!

  5. Barry Sims says:

    One of the best videos that I’ve seen for introducing someone to the wonderful gift of
    Medjugorje and how God and Our Lady provide a way for people of all spiritual levels to find peace and love in their hearts — and return home changed by the experience.
    A beautifully filmed and narrated visit to one of the holiest places on earth. Thanks for
    sharing this with all of us on your website, Michael. God bless you and all who were involved in making this professional production and sensitive portrayal of Medjugorje.
    I’ve been to Medjugorje five times and watching this film brought me back again to experience what it was like on Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain. Thank you !!

  6. Monica Meah says:

    Thank you for this beautiful video. We go and we experience and are blessed. We want to share and encourage others to faith. Whether at home or by visiting medjugoje. This video enables us to give people a glimpse of the blessings waiting for them to receive.

  7. Lynn Pester OCV says:

    The above video – why Medjugorje? sums up perfectly the effect a pilgrimage there can have on an individual. I was called twice by Our Blessed Mother to go, ( as no one goes back accident). I had some wonderful experiences which will be with me forever and has shaped my life in a very special way. Six years after my last pilgrimage I became a member of the oldest vocation for women in Catholic church – Order of Consecrated Virgins. This vocation is lived in the world, not under vows but under consecration as a Bride of Christ.( irrevocably espoused to Christ).
    Thanks be to God for the joy I now have in my heart.

  8. Marilyn Bartalini says:

    I am on a Mary Mission & can hardly wait to return to Medjugorje.

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