Dorothy Up On Apparition Hill

Dorothy up on Apparition Hill, praying the Rosary with Ivan.

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  1. Liz Waterhouse says:

    I love the peace and solitude of Apparition Hill. The video was lovely.

  2. Dorothy Mohr says:

    When Michael sent me the link to this video I was truly surprised. I had no idea that this beautiful event in my life was filmed. Many thoughts came to mind recalling that day vividly, yet remembering I had only asked Michael to take a photo. This gift cannot be expressed enough by a simple thank you.

    The morning that the young men from Cenacalo came to carry me up Apparition Hill was filled with joy. I had read about Medjugorje in the ’90s and saw countless photos. It was my 3rd pilgrimage and I was still unable to climb and witness what so many pilgrims had experienced. I longed for this experience! 5:30am greeted me with humble and loving faces graciously willing to bring me to the very spot where Our Blessed Mother first appeared! It seemed surreal as we ascended exchanging soulful glances with these kind and agile men–as well as other pilgrims. Michael was within eyeshot along with my 2 brothers Tom and Jim and other pilgrims from our group. The love and support was overwhelming. Navigating the hill so quickly hearing–excuse us, please, thank you, sorry over and over was so emotionally stirring. And then I was there–set down before my Mother. My Cenacalo angels sat beneath a nearby tree to pray the rosary.

    Ivan approached praying and then proceeded to share the beautiful and insightful message in the video. Gazing at the statue of Our Lady while feeling her sublime presence and taking in all the precious moments around me will be forever etched in my mind. It was my Medjugorje miracle!

    Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary, Michael, Slavenka, Janet, my brothers and all my other fellow pilgrims. And a special thank you to the Cenacalo community for sending such compassionate and giving men. What a profound journey. I am so very grateful.


    Thanks for sharing…..PEACE !

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