Our Lady Comes To Vicka (2000)

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  1. Moira Cross says:

    Vicka is very special. She is always very animated and smiling while she is speaking to the ‘Gospa’.She accepts physical suffering into her life to help souls who are lost and she follows strict fssting on bread & water twice weekly. She prays over the sick snd it has been reported that she has bi-located on occasions.She has been shown Heaven Purgatory and hell by Our Lady (Gospa) and I have been fortunate to have met her since 1985 on many occasions.

  2. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    Vicka came to Moncton Coliseum in New Brunswick in 1994, She prayed over me I was so happy. :). She had an apparition it was very amazing. Miracles happened.

    • edgar le blanc says:

      My wife and I saw her in Moncton Coliseum in 1994 and we went to Medjugorje in 2014 and we saw her there and we shook her hand . she is a special person

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