Photos April 2013

3 Responses to Photos April 2013

  1. Marie Hankins says:

    Thanks for the pictures. They are great.

  2. Libby McDowell says:

    Mike, Thanks for the pictures. Sure missed you guys. Wish we could have gone. Brings back memories of 2012.

  3. Dyann Andersen says:

    You have a beautiful website and it makes me homesick to not be there. But I thank Our Lady for her message and the fragrance of her roses and I praise Jesus for healing my deaf ear and most importantly, all of this brought me closer than I ever thought possible to Our Lady and Her Son, my Lord. Praise Be To Jesus. And Michael, thank you for making all this known because with it, the Holy Spirit gave me a mission to tell all that God IS Alive, God Does still love and care for us, His children and God STILL performs miracles. Thank you for being true to Our Lady. God Bless you!

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