(Video) Queen of Peace: The Medjugorje Story

Courtesy of Hans Schotte

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  1. Bob and mary ryan says:

    Fascinating! Video footage we have never seen elsewhere. The narrators are so very clear. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    God bless,
    Bob and Mary Ryan

  2. susan blackwell says:

    Thank you for sharing. Would like to keep updated on what is happening there.

  3. Janet Astileanu says:

    Very beautiful and informative. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Mary Woods says:

    I was blessed to be able to go there, and actually see and hear Vicka give one of Our Lady’s messages, it makes one humble, and to look inward and examine what our souls might look like, confession becomes more meaningful! Many things happened when I returned home, including my rosary turning gold!

  5. Laurie Miller says:

    Medjugorje is a place unlike any other. I just returned from there in April and it changed my life . I have been to Fatima and Guadalupe. They are wonderful places, but it like reading about your family history. Medjugorge is like being on a family picnic. Masses are celebrated a good part of the day, and evening services include the rosary and adoration. It is easy to pray, because everyone prays. It is easy to share your life and to cry, because most people do that as well. It leaves an imprint on your soul. For me, it was made clear that what I knew in my head about my faith had to be put in my heart. It is a place of great love , patience, and peace.

    • james o connor says:

      Beautifully expressed –

    • Elizabeth S says:

      Thank you Laurie! You articulated well how I also feel about going to Medjugorje. I have been on pilgrimage there over a dozen times since my first time in 2000. I’ve also been to Fatima, Lourdes, Garibandal and numerous other Marian shrines. No other place on earth feels the same way for me as the special place of my personal conversion – Medjugorje. When I’m there, I feel like I’m going home to Mama Mary. She nurtures me there, teaches me how to be close to Her Son, takes care of me, feeds me, and encourages me to feel like sanctity is possible. She makes me want to be better and do better. It’s a very special place indeed!

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  7. Domingo says:

    Thank you for sharing this video —the first time I heard about Medjugorje was 1986, and then for a long time, I heard nothing about it.

    I was actually surprised when I learned that the apparitions never ceased during the time I heard nothing about it.

    This video is very important because it gave me some idea on how Medjugorje was during the first years.

    I believe that Medjugorje is real. Like what Fr Laurentin said in his interview, “by their fruits, you shall know them.”

  8. Martha Patton says:

    As one of the millions who was there in the early days of the apparitions, 1984, I find this a clear account of these events.I pray that many more will come to appreciate the truth of the messages of the Blessed Virgin in these continuing apparitions.

  9. Arceli Liceralde says:

    I went to Medjugorje in October 2003 and my life has never been the same since. My love for our Bl. Mother and Jesus has grown every day. I joined the secular Carmelites because I want to spend more time in prayer. I pray every day that those who have separated from the church and especially hate the Bl. Mother will return to the catholic faith. I thank God that we have a mother who will never leave us alone and will bring us closer to Jesus.

  10. mom of three says:

    I was there in Medjugorje in 1987 and I heard it is so much more build up. It was very simple place. I did not see anything, but I had a tremendous peace that lasted five years. The amazing thing was when the visions happened in church, we would sit outside on a bench and the birds quit chirpping when the apparitions were going on, then resumed chipping when the apparitions were done. wow. Father Slavko who is now deceased, had a powerful spiritual presence when around him. –I cannot afford to go there anymore but I am glad I was there once.

    • Luellen says:

      I went too in 1987 and 5 times after that over the years, and yes you would not recognize it now, it is very built up, but the church is the same.

  11. Anne Marie Hotho says:

    In 1987 I was the only Baptist on a trip of 50 from Louisiana, invited to go by my Catholic neighbor I had never been exposed to the Virgin Mary. I witnessed unexplainable sights, like angels accompanying the Virgin Mary when She was with a prayer group on Cross mountain, I was with our priest & four others on the mountain in our own prayer meeting. Also, Miracle of the sun, when I saw a dove in the sun, I could look at the sun with no problem. I liked saying the rosary & said it every day when I returned. I joined a RCIA the next September and came into The church the next Easter. I sent my two daughters; one joined The church as well as her husband and two children. I thank Jesus for giving us Mother Mary at the foot of the cross.

  12. mary aguirre says:

    I believe Mother Mary is appearing even though I’ve never been there. Pray for my conversion and that of my family. Pray that I be free of fear and to live the messages of Our Blessed Mother.

  13. Marianne Johnpillai says:

    I been to Medjugorje four times and the first time I went on 2000, Our Lady spoke to my heart asking me to pray for priests. By God’s grace I have been faithful to this day. Please say a prayer daily for them. We need holy and faithful priests. So much of liturgical abuses and other abuses but there are many very holy priests too who have touched our lives and directed us on our spiritual journey. The enemy wants to destroy the priesthood but he will never triumph. Please pray for the priests. Let us not talk to others and criticise them. Let us pray for them and support them in whatever way we could. God bless you all.

  14. Percy,Maureen,Marian says:

    We had heard a lot of Medjugorje,so eventually at the age of 70,my wife my sister and self visited the place with an open mind.It was so PEACEFUL,something only oneself can experience and appreciate.Rest assured we are planning to make it a regular yearly pilgrimage.Climbing the Apparation Hill is all inspiring.You come down having a different point of view of all and everything and the message is so simple to follow what our Blessed Mother requests us to do.It is a pity we left this pilgrimage so late in our life but there again with the grace of our Lord who has given us the health & strength we will endeavour to go back again and again.

  15. crescentia says:

    I heard about Medjugorje in 1985 by accident after reading an article in a British magazine which was sent to the computer company I was working for. But after I read the story of the apparition of our Lady I firmly believed without any doubt whatsoever. I wanted to know more about this apparition and eventually got more information from “Medjugorje Sentinel” which was published in Sydney, Australia by Australian Catholics who have visited Medjugorje. I started to spread the Messages of Medjugorje to the people of my country. And finally made it to Medjugorje in 2011 and now feel very blessed that I have made it to this joy-filled and peaceful place. I wish every Christian could go there and experience the love of the Mother of Jesus and our beloved Mother.

  16. mary ann c golden says:

    I went in 1998 1999 2000 I wish I could go back but at 75 it would be hard,my health is not that good. I have to tell you the Blessed Mother dragged me there.I was afraid to fly I get lost all the time but found the way all the way from St Louis,MO

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