When Are You Going To Act? Part One

Fr. Edward A. Murphy

Jim Browne

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5 Responses to When Are You Going To Act? Part One

  1. Noeleen Dunne says:

    Well done to all concerned May Our Lady continue to bless your work.Noeleen.

  2. Bernadette says:

    Our Blessed Lady, my dearest Mother, please watch over my family; bring them into a fervent relationship with Jesus and to practice their Faith fervently.

  3. Annie M. Smith says:

    So true, what these gentlemen are saying.
    May the Lord bless them and the Blessed Mother cover them with her mantle. Loved the background. I was there in 2010 and 2012

  4. Alice says:

    Hi, this was very well said. The truth , people are not listening to the church, or their priests, parents are not being parents. Life has become so busy with all the things that people are doing to become wealthy, that the word of God is almost nonexistent. I see the Church today as I have since I was a child. Things are so different. The church is the same the words are the same but only a handful actually listen. I am one that does and hold Jesus close to my heart, I pray each day. But the town is like it is gone deaf. Only a few listen . How can this be fixed. A small community in Ontario.

  5. Dyann Andersen says:

    Excellent video gentlemen! Thank you! I agree with everything said and it is so sad that this is the state of Believers today. Inconceivable that a person would take a cell phone to Church, let alone text just after receiving Our Precious Lord! In our Parish we are told before Mass begins to either turn them off or take them to our car outside. I am still shaking my head at this revelation…how and why would a priest allow this? And to give Our Lord to one who brings the phone up to the altar? Shame on both of them!
    How that must hurt Our Lord!

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